VirtualBox Error – Cannot register the DVD image because UUID already exists

Cannot register the DVD image

I have been using Oracle VirtualBox for many years now. It helped me a lot to test and play with numerous Unix-like operating systems. Also, I have a backup of all Virtual machine’s images in my local hard disk, so that I can avoid repeated installation of the same virtual machine over and over. Today morning, I was banging my head against the wall, because VirtualBox kept throwing the following error when I try to load a Virtual machine.

Failed to open virtual machine located in /home/sk/VirtualBox VMs/openSUSE 13.2/openSUSE 13.2.vbox.
Cannot register the DVD image '/usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso' {b058bc48-c451-4cff-9db0-d01c70e99c28} because a CD/DVD image '/usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso' with UUID {bb9b13c5-f90f-4589-b212-8b9e01f118f5} already exists.

I haven’t seen this error before, so I have no idea how to solve it. After a bit of Google search, I found a workaround to fix this issue. If you ever been in the same situation, follow these steps.

Fix “Cannot register the DVD image because UUID already exists” Error In VirtualBox

To fix the above error, go to the directory where you have stored the Virtual Machine files. For instance, I have stored my VMs in /home/sk/VirtualBox VMs/ directory.

Open the .VBOX file in any text editor of your choice. Take a look at the example screenshot.

It’s an XML file, so you can open it with any graphical or text editing software such as Libre Office, Abiword, Vi, and nano etc.

Then, find the following lines:

        <Image uuid="{b058bc48-c451-4cff-9db0-d01c70e99c28}"

Delete all entries between <DVDImages> and </DVDImages> section. After deleting the contents, your .VBOX file will look like below.


Save and close the file.

That’s it. Now, you can load the virtual machine without any issues.

Hope this helps. More good stuffs to come. If you find our guides useful, please spend a moment to share them on your social, professional networks, so that other users can also benefit from them.


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