The Difference Between more, less And most Commands

difference between more, less and most commands

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  1. Did you even bother to press “h” in more yourself? Did YOU read the man page before writing this article? In more you can scroll back too by pressing b when reading a file. The only limitation is that it doesn’t work for pipes (ls|more for example).

    Also keep in mind that more handles color codes correctly, less does not.

  2. AAA says:

    Nice summary, IMO.

    Add syntax highlighting

    Have a look at bat as well…

  3. Gérard Talbot says:

    You wrote:
    To search for a string, type the search query after the forward slash (/) like below:


    But according to the man more documentation, it should be +/linux, like this:

    $ more +/linux ostechnix.txt

  4. Gérard Talbot says:

    I can not see the “+” in the more command I wrote … this must be caused by your comment form.

  5. Vernon Tillerson says:

    If you save output which has colored text (ANSI VT escape sequences) only “less” can display these as colored text rather than just showing the raw characters, when the -R flag is invoked vis less -R colored_output.log

    most makes a good pager for manual pages.

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