Terminology, A Best Terminal Emulator With Lots Of Features

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  1. Rafael says:

    I tried Terminology some time ago, each time I installed Enlightment desktop and I must say it’s awesome. I didn’t know the “ty___” commands, and it’s impressive. After reading your post, I launched zypper to install it but, as I supossed, that implies to install several other libraries, so I prefer not to install it just now.
    Thank you!!

  2. sk says:

    Glad you learned something new via this article. Thanks for visiting our blog.

  3. gazoo says:

    Terminology feels pretty amazing. Followed your instructions (official PPA maintained by the developer for Ubuntu) on KDE Neon Plasma. The install was flawless. Terminology appeared on my menu (System – Terminology). Clicked and within seconds I was viewing a video within a full screen terminal window. Images displayed perfectly like a text document would using the cat command.

    The tyls default is sooo much better looking than the regular bash default for ls. I’m going to crawl your site for more ‘terminology’ articles (as well as the maintainer’s nesting grounds).

    It’s the first time the Linux command line has excited me. It suddenly feels full-featured.

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