SSLH – Share A Same Port For HTTPS And SSH

SSLH - Share A Same Port For HTTPS And SSH

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  1. Okay, this is admittedly a clever work around if port availability is limited.. However, this sounds risky in terms of security. What new and interesting security issues may arise from a protocol multiplexer? Who knows? —and that right limits the usefulness of this until someone takes the time to audit the code.

  2. Arun Khan says:

    I connect to an openVPN server configured to run on 443 (login in with SSL cert + user auth). From there on I can connect to any of my servers over SSH. I have found this solution to work in many public WiFi hotspots. No experience with Enterprise networks, they may blacklist the IP numbers of public VPN providers.

  3. tomer glick says:

    That did not work for me. The reason is that by telling sslh to listen on, it listening on ALL interfaces including which ssl already uses.
    The work around I did is to use the actual IP of my server instead of That option might not be optional on servers with dynamic IP. So another solution is to change the port that ssl is listening on to something else then 443.

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