How To Solve “Starting full system upgrade… there is nothing to do” Issue In Arch Linux

Starting full system upgrade... there is nothing to do" Issue In Arch Linux
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  1. Alexander Kostik says:

    thanks !

  2. Thanks, dude. you saved my day

  3. Certina Hamilton says:

    I knew something was wrong when I tried to update after 3 months, and there was “nothing to do” at all… This fixed it, thanks.

    • Livelm says:

      Yup,same here.
      I kept thinking something was wrong,since I went from having to update everyday to not having a update in months,just went through the article, and BAM! 1.5 GB of updates.

  4. Live says:

    This solved my problem right away! Thanks!

  5. aden says:

    this solved my problem , thanks!

  6. n0r0ni says:

    Thank you! It works

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