How To Save Commands And Use Them On Demand

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  1. Mahmoud F.Elshazly says:

    Great, Thanks.

  2. EDA says:

    Great article. Nicely done. Thanks!

  3. Mr. Mxyzptlk says:

    Sorry, what’s wrong with ‘alias’ again? It’s not multi-server, but how exactly does server 2 grab directly from server 1, or is there an intermediary to hold all of your accidentally stored passwords? And heck: does it take args?

    Basically I’ll do alias for simple commands, a local bin/ for more complex scripts, and I’ll sync them all together myself with tar/cp/rsync. Thanks anyway though; you reinvented the wheel nicely.

    • SK says:

      There is nothing wrong with ‘alias’. This is just another way to save the commands. If you have any ideas to improve it, just ping the developer via GitHub. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Mk says:

    Omg. There is built in history already. Also you can use history and fzf.

  5. Victor Stadnichenko says:

    Cool! Thank you!

  6. Aaron says:

    Any similar tool on Windows that anyone knows of?

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