How To Run Windows Applications And Games On Linux

Run Windows Applications And Games On Linux

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  1. Hady Rashwan says:

    last thing I got it to work was Modern Warfare the original one n Left for dead no luck with black Ops 2 at that time dont do this

  2. Andre says:

    Failing to install direct x…it says “wineserver not found”

  3. Knightlycat says:

    Cool. Chromebook to linux to windows. NEET.r

    In case you were wondering, i have LXDE linux..and im running it off of an acer 14 chromebook. Very new to it, but im trying out things that i shouldn’t do. EH!

  4. Johnc says:

    I managed to pull of running skyrim legendary and fallout 4 using wine just barely. There was less lag on my laptop then using windows 10 but more crashes and other glitches

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