Run Windows Games and Softwares on Ubuntu 16.04

As you probably know, Microsoft Windows uses DirectX to run games. So, It will be lot easier to play some games that requires DirectX in Windows platforms. But, what about Linux? Linux relies on OpenGL to run games. Of course, Steam for Linux has thousands of games already, and Steam works flawlessly on Linux platforms. However, we can still install DirectX on Linux, and play games that requires DirectX without any problems.

There are some free and paid solutions such as PlayOnLinux, Crossover available to run windows games in Linux platforms. In this brief tutorial, let me show you how to install DirectX, and how to run Windows Games and Softwares using Wine in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop.

Install Wine and Winetricks

Wine is a software that can be used to run Windows applications on Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix.

Wine is available in Ubuntu official repositories.

To install Wine, run the following command from the Terminal:

sudo apt install wine

Winetricks is a script that installs various needed libraries to run some programs in Wine.

Download the latest Winetricks script using command:


Make the script as executable using command:

chmod +x winetricks

Now, install DirectX using command:

sh winetricks directx9

During installation, you will be asked to accept the license agreement.

Click Yes to accept and continue.

DirectX Feb2010 Redistributable_001

Select “I accept the agreement” and click Next.

Installing Microsoft(R) DirectX(R)_002

Click Next to install DirectX runtime components.

Installing Microsoft(R) DirectX(R)_003

The setup wizard will start to download and install DirectX components.

Installing Microsoft(R) DirectX(R)_004

Finally, click Finish to complete the DirectX installation.

Installing Microsoft(R) DirectX(R)_005

Now, install the following following package too.

sh winetricks vcrun6sp6

If you don’t install the above package, you might get the error:

Cannot Import dll:C:\users\xxx\Temp\is-00IEG.tmp\isskin.dll

That’s it. DirectX has been installed now.

Playing Windows games using Wine

As you already know, Some games or softwares will run directly from CD or Image. You can’t run/play them without CD or ISO. So, you should leave them mounted or inserted in drive.

Let us create a directory to mount the Games.

mkdir mygames

Now, mount your game ISO in the mygames directory as shown below.

sudo mount -o loop <path-to-file.iso mygames/

Once you mounted the ISO, go to the directory where you mounted the ISO and run the game as shown below.

cd mygames
wine setup.exe

Note: Some games might have install.exe. So, run the correct .exe file to start the games.

That’s it. You should now see the game will start.

You can play some popular games such as FIFA, Need for speed, NBA as described in this method.

I couldn’t include any screenshots. Because, I am not gamer. I never played any games in computers for the past three years. In case you have any problem, let me know in the comment section below. I will gladly help you.

Not only games, you can mount the Windows ISOs and run the setup files as well.

Here is how I run Windows setup using wine.

sk@sk: ~-New_007

Install Windows_008

Hope this helps.

That’s all for now. If you find this tutorial useful, please share it on your social networks and support.


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  1. Hady Rashwan says:

    last thing I got it to work was Modern Warfare the original one n Left for dead no luck with black Ops 2 at that time dont do this

  2. Andre says:

    Failing to install direct x…it says “wineserver not found”

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