RipMe – Download Image Albums In Bulk From Popular Websites

RipMe - Download Image Albums

As we all already know, there are many popular websites (for example imgur, flickr, photobucket) are out there to host and share images online. You can upload or download your image(s) using the official apps or any third party applications. If you’re looking for a single application to download the images from any image sharing sites, RipMe is one such application. It is a simple application to download image albums in bulk from popular websites. Using RipMe, we can quickly download all images in an online album.

RipMe currently supports many popular image hosting and sharing sites such as,

  • imgur
  • twitter
  • tumblr
  • instagram
  • flickr
  • photobucket
  • reddit
  • gonewild
  • motherless
  • imagefap
  • imagearn
  • seenive
  • vinebox
  • 8muses
  • deviantart
  • Many yet to come.

Getting RipMe

RipMe requires Java 8 and higher version to work. So, your system must have Java 8 or higher version installed. If you happen to use Arch Linux, the following link might help you to install Java 8 in your Arch Linux system.

After installing Java 8, download the latest RipMe version (jar file) from the official releases page. As of writing this guide, the latest version was 1.6.1. Alternatively, run the following command from your Terminal to download RipMe latest version.


That’s it. No installation required. You can start RipMe application by simply running the ripme.jar file.

To launch RipMe, run the following command as normal user:

java -jar ripme.jar

You’ll be pleased with RipMe default interface.

As you can see, the interface is very simple and all options are self-explanatory.

Download Image Albums In Bulk Using RipMe

To download the online albums, just enter album link in the URL box and click Rip button.

All images in the album will be download to a folder called rips in your $HOME directory. Of course, you can change the default location to something from Select Save Directory tab in the bottom of the RipMe interface.

If you don;t like the GUI, you can also download the albums from command-line.

For example, to download an album from command line, run:

java -jar ripme.jar -u

Here is the full list of supported command line options.

usage: java -jar ripme.jar [OPTIONS]
 -h,--help            Print the help
 -r,--rerip           Re-rip all ripped albums
 -t,--threads <arg>   Number of download threads per rip
 -u,--url <arg>       URL of album to rip
 -w,--overwrite       Overwrite existing files

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