Record your Terminal activity using ‘Script’ Command

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  • Dan Stromberg

    I rewrote script in Python: . Its chief benefit is that it has a “dated files” mode, so if you leave a session running overnight, a new file will be started for the new day. This makes it easier to look things up later. The distribution also includes script-replay, which makes it easy to move forward and back through a typescript; it has a curses interface (arrow keys) and a GTK (buttons) interface.

    • SK

      Hello Dan, I visited the link you have mentioned. Your script seems good and might be useful for users. If you have time, please write a review or how-to guide about your script with few examples and send it to me by using the contact form. If it is good, I will publish on our blog, and let us promote your script. Thank you for letting me about your script.