Some Random One-liner Linux Commands [Part 1]

Random One-liner Linux Commands Part 1

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  1. Todd says:

    This is a good summary, some of the commands I forgot, thank you for sharing, I have updated some of my command history, lol. I appreciate all of the items provided, I have provided a few for your review as well, always good to share:

    -> Present information about the disks running on the system with filesystems
    * for i in $(fdisk -l | awk ‘/^/dev/ {print $1}’); do tune2fs -l $i; done

    * sort –unique Remove_duplicate.txt
    * perl -lne ‘$seen{$_}++ and next or print;’ Remove_duplicate.txt

    -> Replace items –
    * perl -pi -e ‘s///’

    -> Create ticker from, if watch is run, it presents unreadable symbols
    * while true ; do curl; done
    * while sleep 1; do curl; done

    I thought this discussion was good as well, this may be good for your next iteration of your webpage.

    Please keep them coming, wonderful place to share thoughts.


  2. elswerky says:

    number 33
    for me it worked by only ctrl+u without alt

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