Pinguy Builder – Build your own, custom Ubuntu OS

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  1. Nickfm DNt says:

    Hi, I have a problem, in ubuntu 16.04 when try to build a dist, appear in the terminal: rsync: send files failed to open “var/lib/lxcfs/cgroup/memory/system.slice/….. Permission denied (13) (several permission denied)
    Some help!!! [email protected]

  2. Tyrone Jones says:

    It is difficult to use considering that Ubuntu ‘a minimum install size is 5GB while pinguy builder cannot build an image larger than 4.2 GB

    • Eric S says:

      that is not how that works… at all. The install image is highly compressed. the 5GB size is how much free hard drive space is required to install. I’ve built an image from 600MB (rescue CD minimal ubuntu with antivirus) and it takes 3.5GB to install. All the way to to 3.2GB compressed ISO (damn near anything I thought someone might want to try in Linux include LibreOffice, WPS Office, VLC, Pinta, Gimp, Wine, Steam, and about 200 more packages) which took 10GB just to install.

  3. jc says:

    Hello should i just download all of the software i need then export the iso? it will automatically install it when i share it with my friends?

  4. sjorge says:

    @ jc
    U have to watch the 4 GB limit, if U use a DVD.
    If U use a stick, something can written to the stick afterwards.
    If U use a DVD, nothing can written to afterwards.
    Have fun, have success, Happy New Year

  5. John says:

    Can Pinguy Builder create and save the ISO to Network Attached Storage?

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