OSBoxes – Free Unix/Linux Virtual machines for VMWare and VirtualBox

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  1. MarkDubya says:

    In the past, I am was not aware of Oracle VirtulaBox VirtualBox or VMWare. So I formatted my Laptop and Desktop four to five times per month and played with different Linux operating systems.

    Apparently you were also not aware of booting multiple OS’s on the same hard drive?

  2. Jorge Calderon says:

    Do not trust OSBoxes.org PERIOD!!

    I just downloaded Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon (64bit).vdi and scanned it with Microsoft Defender which found 1 infected file with Expoit:AndroidOS/CVE-2011-1823!rfn (rated severe).

    Take a look at OSBoxes.org:
    -There is no address or contact information.
    -There is a blog but not a forum (so the public’s voice is not captured).
    -There are no positive comments from anyone stating that they’ve been using their image files without any problems.

    Even VirusTotal.com says that the download link below has a virus

  3. David says:

    Good post. There is another similar website that contains development environments that are useful for programming:

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