Linux Troubleshooting – netstat command not found in CentOS 7/8 And RHEL 7/8

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  1. Colinux says:

    This is just another really stupid thing that RH have done (again).

    WHY would they not include one of the most basic tools for setting up a system in the minimum install?

    This is minimum install so I don’t expect much, but I can configure a nic to ping out and in, but don’t have one of the most basic tools available to check the default route, or listening ports.

    It’s not like RH are concerned about disk space, so it must be that they are just a bunch of wankers!

  2. Lyas Spiehler says:

    Many of the old Linux networking commands have been deprecated in favor of their iproute2 counterparts. Netstat in particular has been replaced by the “ss” command which is available by default.

  3. slavi says:

    In my humble opinion this is a bad advice. On newer Linux (Redhat, Ubuntu,…) there is equivalent command “ss” with most of the switches are the same as “netstat”. Why is there no “netstat” anymore, because in rare cases it does not work correctly. But because some tools are expecting the “netstat” output new command “ss” was developed to work in all even rare conditions, but breaks backward compatibility with “netstat”. In my humble opinion “netstat” should only be installed for the users that have some old tool installed that is dependent on original “netstat” behaviour. This is almost non of the users.

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