Learn To Use Man Pages Efficiently

Use Man Pages Efficiently

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  1. Dirk Dierickx says:

    shortcut to ‘man -k grep’-combo is the ‘apropos’ command.

  2. Vernon Tillerson says:

    Remember that the output of the man command will be influenced by whatever the environmental variables MANPAGER or PAGER are set to, and the width of the output can be customized with MANWIDTH.

    On an X11 desktop, the “xless” makes a good pager if properly configured (background color etc).

  3. Bilbo says:

    You can not use man pages efficiently because most of the times their content is just awful. It’s written mechanically, without any context “a la dictionary” way. No schemas, no diagrams, no relations amongst different entities, their life-cycle or human friendly explanations.
    The future of man pages must be something like:

  4. Jim says:

    I prefer to ask stupid questions on the official forum and get yelled at rather than try to decode man pagers., but I also get the answers to solving my problems.

  5. Jalal says:

    Very Useful Article
    Thanks a lot…

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