Kindd – A Graphical Frontend To dd Command

Kindd - A Graphical Frontend To dd Command

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  1. RTT says:

    And this is easier to use than the command line exactly – how? dd is a very powerful command, not to be used lightly. I am not sure that this graphical interface adds anything other than making it easier for rookie users to shoot themselves in the foot. Power ought to be used responsibly – this GUI does not encourage that – if anything, it does the opposite.

  2. mlamers says:

    If a user is so timid and inexperienced that he or she is uncomfortable running “dd” in a terminal emulator, do you really think the user will manage to install Kindd in the manner described in this article?

    • sk says:

      Kindd is still early stage. I hope the developer and contributors will release native package soon to simplify the installation. And, yes it is bit difficult for beginners to compile and install from source as I described in the guide.

  3. Martins Almeida says:

    It would be interesting to integrate this software package into a basic linux distro, in order to turn this software into a bootable application.

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