Installing Arch Linux Using Revenge Graphical Installer

Installing Arch Linux

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  • Thomas Giudici

    Be careful-the link shown defaults to 32 bit iso.

    • SK

      It shows the homepage of Revenge installer. The developer has put the 32bit ISO as default in download section. We can get 64 bit ISO by clicking on the “Browse All Files” link.

      • Thomas Giudici

        Thanks for reply-I caught it just in time.Odd way for them to set that up-they should just show both.

  • Eddie O’Connor

    This looks good! I might get this and install it on my spare desktop. I guess with al the options I have for a desktop I’d probably go with either i3wm….MATE….or XFCE. Definitely going to give this a look. I’ve been wanting to use Arch for the longest while but could never get past their installation…(too complicated and time consuming!) Here’s hoping I’ll finally get Arch to run on my network with no problems! Thanks for the info!!

  • أبو عبد الله بوزغوب

    Thank you so much.