How To Install Nextcloud In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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  1. Claus says:

    hi, thank you very much to spend so much efforts to share your knowledge. I’m a private beginner (to Linux, Apache, MySQL, Nextcloud) and I succeeded to follow your process after I failed to install Nextcloud as a snap package.
    I started to learn because there are news that Apple will change the functionality of the Apple Server and skip functions like contacts, calendar etc.. I am not in favour to synch my contacts with publich cloud services.
    Please allow some thoughts:
    1. before to edit php.ini save a copy of the original (not my idea, found somewhere else during my researches)
    2. delete and the unzipped folder from your download space after having copied to /var/www/html/
    3. show also output of the mysql operations. The comment “no query” was confusing for me
    4. for now, I just miss how I can implement a https call to my local Nextcloud, all browsers do not like http calls anymore, even I use Nextcloud within my LAN only.
    5. if I would decide later to make Nextcloud also accessible from the Internet, how to make it possible (dynamic IP, firewalls of my cascaded routers and of Ubuntu Server rules etc.)?
    Thank you very much again
    Sincerely, Claus

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