Install MEAN.JS stack in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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  1. Kosy Anyanwu says:

    Nice tutorial.
    Although, there is a little mistake on how you can check if MongoDB service is running. It is supposed to be this command:
    sudo service mongod status
    And not “sudo service mongodb status” which gives this error “mongodb: unrecognized service”

    • SK says:

      Thanks. Corrected now.

      • tomas Franquelis Ramirez says:

        Hi Sk, You posted a article about otrs 2 yeard ago, i trying to install it, evruthing was ok, but i cant send email to y client from otrs, can you help

        • SK says:

          I deleted that setup long time ago. I am so sorry. I will check again and update the tutorial. Meanwhile, please search on Google and OTRS forums for any help. Thanks.

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