Install Deepin Desktop Environment In Arch Linux

install deepin desktop environment in Arch Linux

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  1. heuristic says:

    Well I made it all the way to systemctl start and enable. Where do I use this command, in the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file or do I save after changing greeter-session=lightdm-deepin-greeter? Not sure. I saved the file greeter-session and tried to run the command to enable all I got was a blank black screen,

    • SK says:

      Just open the file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf in any editor of your choice and uncomment the line “greeter-session=lightdm-deepin-greeter”. Save and close the file. Then, Start and enable deepin service. It should work.

    • Distrimedgi gi says:

      Hola! me pasó lo mismo, y el problema era que dejé un espacio en blanco al final de la línea. Solucionado

  2. Enrique Barrero Ligero says:

    When I try to install deepin I got a problem, already exists a file named lightdm and can not create a folder with same name.
    Can I remove this file?

    I am using Antergos distro


    • Das Jott says:

      Same here. I simply did: sudo rm /etc/lightdm

      So pacman can install its files. But next is the

      systemctl start lightdm.service
      which only gives black screen and blinking cursor.

  3. Muzammil Khowaja says:

    i install manjaro deepin 17 but now after install there i no deepin software center how to get software center

    • Das Jott says:

      Manjaro deepin sadly does not want to be installed on my machine. It fails to write the bootloader. Some crappy python script…

  4. Das Jott says:

    This manual seemed to be good, but fails on

    systemctl start lightdm.service

    where it results in a black screen with a blinking cursor up left.
    I really love Deepin but it does not want to be on my machine…

  5. Franek Jaskulski says:

    Can you help me? I’ve installed everything, then when i type systemctl start lightdm.service screen is black and flicker once every one second and stay black all the time, theres nothing on display, then i rebooted, typed systemctl enable lightdm.service and every reboot screen is flickering the same way, there is nothing on the screen, why is that?

  6. aguswekss says:

    installed Arch + Deepin on my Asus Zenbook UX330CA. no problem at all. All the fn+keys are good except the light sensor , sleep and hibernate are smooth. It’s fast, and it’s beautiful. Made in China

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