Install Deepin Desktop Environment in Arch Linux

  • heuristic

    Well I made it all the way to systemctl start and enable. Where do I use this command, in the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file or do I save after changing greeter-session=lightdm-deepin-greeter? Not sure. I saved the file greeter-session and tried to run the command to enable all I got was a blank black screen,

    • SK

      Just open the file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf in any editor of your choice and uncomment the line “greeter-session=lightdm-deepin-greeter”. Save and close the file. Then, Start and enable deepin service. It should work.

      • Willy Alcatraz

        My control center isn’t the same as yours yet I did everything like you. Any solutions?

  • Enrique Barrero Ligero

    When I try to install deepin I got a problem, already exists a file named lightdm and can not create a folder with same name.
    Can I remove this file?

    I am using Antergos distro


  • Muzammil Khowaja

    i install manjaro deepin 17 but now after install there i no deepin software center how to get software center