How To View The Contents Of An Archive Or Compressed File Without Extracting It

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  1. Stef Bon says:

    the intro in this article says : “how to view the contents of an Archive and/or Compressed file without actually extracting”. Well this is misleading. Viewing the contents of an archive and.or compressed files without extracting it is not possible. Behind the scenes compressed files **are** decompressed (a common location is in the /tmp directory). You only do not notice it that the application does the decompressing for you. For example the command “vim ostechnix.tar.gz” will decompress (to lose the gz) and then lett you view the file list. To actually view the contents of files in this archive vim will also extract the file for you.
    The title should be “Thinking that you can extract files without extracting and in reality you are fooled”.

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