How To Synchronize Files And Directories Using

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  1. lordmax says:

    It’s a good think, yes
    How about rsync?
    It’s not better?
    Zaloha do something different? More? particular?

    I haven’t understood

  2. Petas says:

    the purpose of both programs is similar. rsync is able to operate over a network and in case of very big files, it is able to transfer only the changed portions of files, aiming at saving network bandwidth. sells itself as a “much simpler alternative” to rsync, see the official repository. What I personally like very much is that first presents its findings with descriptive tags and colors (NEW, UPDATE, REV.NEW and so on) and asks for confirmation before doing anything. So I can mentally “reconcile” my work since last backup (last week or so) and then finally say: Yes, do. It even reminded me once that I forgot to send out an email. But agreed, this is personal taste.

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