How To Set Password Policies In Linux

Set Password Policies In Linux

2 Responses

  1. Nguyễn Anh Tú says:

    Nice article. Great work!

  2. Eddie O'Connor says:

    Awesome information! I wish you guys would come out with your OWN Linux Administration Book….(one that covers both the Debian side and the Red Hat side!) It would be the Number One Sold Book in the Open Source World!…LoL! There’s nothing more annoying as a Linux Admin than to get ready to do some CLI work only to find out its the “other” Linux system (either you’re in an RHEL-world and the box you’re connected to is Debian based…..else you’re in a Debian-centric network and you’ve just connected to an RHEL box) it would make administration SO much easier if there was just ONE reference manual that you needed to consult……well here’s to hoping it actually happens….(or would it be against some GPL-based rules?……or maybe Red Hat would come after you?….)

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