6 Methods To Rename Multiple Files At Once In Linux

Rename Multiple Files

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  1. Jove Riusec says:


    Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know about the rename utility.

    I use emacs with multiple cursors. It’s awesome.

    • sk says:

      Noted. I will try and add this tool soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • pyrenamer says:

      Since you mention it. please tell me how to I change inside string in `substitutions` section in py.

      Lets say I have 10 files:
      and that number string is different in 10 files and I want to remove it. Final result being:
      abc-xyz.txt for 10 files
      what syntax I need to type in `replace` section?

  2. Fritz Pinguin says:

    On KDE I prefer using krename. Great tool!

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