How To Migrate System Settings And Data From Old System To Newly Installed Ubuntu System

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  1. laysan_a says:

    It appears that this program restores every program/library. This is fine if you’re doing a fresh install of the same version, but would it not be ill-advised if, say, upgrading from one LTS to the next, where libraries, utilities, and drivers might have been changed over the years? It seems likely that at least a great many useless pieces of software might find its way onto the system, to say nothing of potential conflicts – especially in the settings area of the restore.

    Am I off-base about this?

    I’ve just spent hours manually editing a program list text file for my wife’s laptop. I deleted most of the libraries — including the graphics libraries. Of course there are some libraries I wanted saved/restored, like dvd-css, and other media related libraries I had to manually install, but by and large all I want is a list of the programs I personally installed or prefer over the standard ones. I’m not a programmer and haven’t had to study a page of code in thirty years. My eyes were crossed by the time I finished.

    I would really like to see a utility like this that was smarter, and had options for safely restoring after a distribution upgrade.

  2. fdsfsfs says:

    you forgot to mentionate intallation for gui :sudo apt-get install aptik-gtk

  3. Ryan S says:

    Aptik last updated on August 03, 2018. Install Packages can be found here. Now Deprecated and no longer FOSS.

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