How to Install Windows PowerShell Core 6.0 in Linux

install windows powershell

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  1. lightweight says:

    Ugh, why bother. With Powershell, MS is fixing something that ain’t broke. Learn bash. Learn zsh. Learn something useful.

  2. Think Strategy says:


  3. Eddie O'Connor says:

    I’m sorry. but this is pointless. There are already a myriad of command-line shells, why in the world would I want something from Microsoft on my system? Which happens to work WITHOUT bugs or glitches? As far as I’m concerned the entire “Microsoft Loves Linux” issue is one, that makes no sense. For DECADES, they’ve done everything in their power to ENSUE that things “don’t play nice” in the world of Linux, which literally FORCED the Linux developers to come up with their own solutions to problems. This…in turn “forced” the Linux communities to learn whole new ways and methods of doing things. And now?….just because there’s a new CEO who happens to have “warm and fuzzy” feelings towards Linux the users are supposed to abandon their trappings for this new “Frankenstein” mixture of MS and Open Source Linux software? Nah. No thanks. They’ve taken their ball and gone home, and now they come back wanting to play again, but the GAME has changed and the BALL is different! For those who might want to “experiment” with it….enjoy. As for me and my Linux machines?…we’re going to REMAIN Microsoft-free for as long as there are Linux distros available for download.

  4. MrScrublord says:

    PowerShell, Magicarp of shells.

  5. Rizwan Mohammed says:

    Although the PS commands are crappy, still it will be useful for those working in multi platform environment. To be honest Linux hasn’t widespread among end users who still craving for user friendly OS across the world, specifically in middle east and other parts of the country even in India. Employers still looking experts in MS Windows server. Personally I love Linux but at the same time we should walk hand in hand with windows environment to land a better job.

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