How To Install Ncurses Library In Linux

Install Ncurses Library In Linux

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  1. Edgar Hoffmann says:

    Thanks for this tutorial, I was able to install ncurses as suggested.

    But now I experience a problem when I try to compile calcurse.
    Configure says:
    checking for initscr… no
    checking for initscr in -lncursesw… no
    checking for initscr in -lncurses… no
    configure: error: Either ncurses or ncursesw library is required to build calcurse!

    I tried it with
    ./configure –includedir=/opt/ncurses/bin

    But had no success.
    Maybe you can give me a hint how to handle this?

  2. sk says:

    I don’t have any solution right now. My apologies. But why are you compiling it from source? Calcurse is available in the official repositories of most Linux distributions.

  3. abdulla95 says:

    @Edgar Hoffmann,


    ./configure –with-local-dir=/opt/ncurses

    I used ” ./configure –help ” to find this command. This helped my installation of Vim.

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