How To Install Microsoft .NET Core SDK On Linux

Install Microsoft .NET Core SDK On Linux

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  1. Eric D. says:

    I guess it’s because I’ve already “built” my development environment without Microsoft’s products….that I feel that I wouldn’t ever do this. Sorry, but MS had their chance of working with the open source community, but they blew it, now we’re supposed to jump for joy because they’re “giving” their Dev tools away? It’s too late! Why would I use anything from MS….when I have Code-Blocks…..Code-Lite…..Anjuta…..NotepadQQ……Ninja-IDE (for Python) Geany….and other tools that are better equipped and suited for the programming environment? Seems to me their effort to extend an olive branch….is 20 years too late. So I guess for those that want this…..more power to you… for me? No thanks.

  2. Karl P says:

    Unlike Eric, I’m excited about using C# on Linux. I’m not aware of another standard language that is statically typed, memory safe, high concurrency (async/await), and has proper error handling (Exceptions). We currently use python but we have overgrown it.
    It’s good to have competition with Java.

  3. Mark says:

    Just say no.

  4. freedom_it_ says:

    Logically If I would use M$ technology in linux there is no reason for linux from my view. I would stay with windoze instead, for much better INTEGRATION of framework.
    By the way M$ has been “made” a member of linux foundation by “board management”, for a little donation like half of a million.
    If I could have some enough money even I could donate much more millions to linux foundation to exclude M$ from open source community…

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