How To Enable SSH On FreeBSD

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  1. Robert Tiismus says:

    Thank you for thorough explanation! But this did not help me with my new GhostBSD 12.1 installation. Whatever I tried, including the ‘sshd_enable=”YES”‘ in /etc/rc.conf, the sshd was not starting on boot. I was almost pulling my hair over this anomaly. Running ‘service sshd start’ started the service for sure, but I’d expect it to survive rebooting the workstation. I found the answer by lucky chance from … Google. The sshd did behave after I run the following: ‘rc-update add sshd default’. This created soft link for sshd to directory /etc/runlevels/default . Maybe someone can enlighten shed a light on why the above guide was not sufficient. It might be that the default runlevel link for sshd is essential and it was omitted from GhostBSD 12.1 by unlucky chance.

  2. Ebry says:

    Very good guide, if it were otherwise Linux as a server, how to proceed from FreeBSD ?

  3. Hariharasudhan says:

    Pretty Cool!!!. Thanks

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