How To Display Thumbnail Images In Terminal

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  1. gazoo says:

    Great series of articles you’ve posted recently re: terminal apps! I’m really enjoying them and taking notes too.

    I have to play around with lsix because it turns out I have neither xterm installed (Synaptic tells me it’s available) or imagemagick (I switched distros a couple of months ago to mx18).

    The article on FIM… very informative too! Looking forward to trying this out. I need to understand how “framebuffer” can actually display graphics overlayed on a text-based terminal window. Still a newbie but these articles are setting me up on the right path to investigate further.

    Recently I can across an article on streaming online radio stations (using mplayer with ffmpeg). There was also the recently posted nugget on ‘scrot’ (the terminal-based screenshot tool). Fun times:-)

    I didn’t realize the Linux command-line could be empowered to handle some of the things these articles are focusing on. Looking forward to command-line video options because that would be epic:-)

  2. sk says:

    Thanks for your positive feedback and suggestions. I will try my best to post new and useful topics in the days to come. Have a good day!!

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