3 CLI Image Viewers To Display Images In The Terminal

3 Command-line Image Viewers To Display Images In The Terminal In Linux

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  1. Stan Brown says:

    I use qiv, works great, and very flexible.

  2. Chris McGimpsey-Jones says:

    I just installed the pre-compiled binary for viu onto my own Ubuntu installation. Thank you. Excellent tool. So simple.

  3. Dedwarmo says:

    I also find feh very useful. Can display images full screen. Will display all the images in directories recursively. You can give it a text file containing a path names to images. I’ve got 450,000 images listed in a text file and it will display them almost instantly. It will even randomize or sort the list in less than a second.

  4. URxvt says:

    I use sxiv, and I love it because it’s very customizable. I’m gonna make a script to use it everywhere with a shortcut, with some options predefined.

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