How To Disable Ads In Terminal Welcome Message In Ubuntu Server

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  1. says:

    Stop using Ubuntu. It will only get worse. In the near future, you’ll spend more time undoing their meddling than its worth. You may as well be using Window$ server or SUSE. Switch to CentOS or Debian if you want a Linux server with no ads or BS.

    • vansadork says:

      You sound as bad as the “stop using windows” snobbery. Linux is open source which lets those of us that are tech savvy model it as we want to. Let me guess, you’re an Arch hipster that uses the vegan philosophy of pushing it down everyone else’s throats because they’re not using it?

  2. Bogmul says:

    I would switch OS if it included advertising.

  3. erik says:

    I just updated to 18.04 server LTS and was greeted with ads. This freaked me out that someone is sending data to my servers in my LAN
    that I had not asked or opted for in any way, knowingly. Right there @ boot. And apparently it also download information.
    This is a steep slippery road that I never thought that I would see on a Linux server OS.
    I’m still shocked.
    Now I have to find another OS as in another distribution.

  4. Daniel Reinhardt says:

    I have been using Ubuntu Server for the last year at version 18.04, and have never been presented with the aforementioned ads upon logging into a users session via terminal or via ssh.

    And yes my files were never edited to allow it.

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