How To Create Persistent Live USB On Ubuntu

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  1. Ed B. says:

    Does it still detect the hardware when it boots? If so I am in, you can plug it in to any computer then…

  2. patrick says:

    Inseed a handy tool. The only downside is that it does not encrypt the drive ore the home partition, which is a must for carry on drives.

  3. David Kra says:

    How is this better than doing a “normal” installation onto a “disk” which happens to be a USB stick or an SD card?

    With that method, the result is not a “live”installation with separate “persistence” and “storage” areas. Instead it is a regular installation that happens to have grub on the stick and be bootable. I think it would allow for encryption, userid’s, passwords, etc.

    Yes it takes longer, because first you make a typical live try-and-install-from on stick#1, then you boot that, and do a normal install onto stick#2.

    I don’t intend to hijack your excellent article, but below is a slight editing of what I posted elsewhere a year ago. The following guide explains how to do a normal installation onto a USB stick or SDCard:

    Can you compare and contrast with the article’s “persistence” method?

    • sk says:

      Hi David,

      Your method may work and it is suitable for advanced users. However, Creating persistence usb with mkusb is much easier, simpler, and faster than your method. You don’t don’t need to manually create partitions. Mkusb wil do it for you. Also, you don’t need to use two USB sticks. Mkusb is GUI, so even an intermediate user can create a live usb in couple minutes.

  4. Suvhm says:

    Actually when I tried to boot the device using usb persistent it shows an error that –
    I need to load kernel first.
    Enter any key to continue…
    Any idea why I am getting this error.
    I appreciate your support here!

    • sk says:

      Please post the full error message. Mkusb can create Ubuntu or Debian live USB only. If you tried any other OS like Linux mint, it may not work. Double check you’ve followed all the steps as described in the guide. Also try from any other branded USB drives.

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