How To Check Linux Package Version Before Installing It

Check Linux Package Version

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  1. W. Anderson says:

    The article author should have clarified – in title – that the Linux package version process is for Ubuntu based distributions, and does – in no way – cover such processes for CentOS/Redhat or SuSE Linux, the other two of three most preferred, used and demanded Linux for business and enterprise, in USA and Internationally.

    Unfortunately many “how-to” articles recently make such assumptions of distribution without qualification, which to me demonstrates either a narrow experience with more popular distros or strong preferences, which in and of themselves, are OK, but shoul be more clearly spelled out.

    • sk says:

      Noted. I already planned to update this guide for other Linux distros in the days to come. That’s why I kept this title. Thanks for your comment.

  2. R S Chakravarti says:

    An easy way to find the versions available is to use synaptic.

  3. suggestion says:

    apt-cache madison package-name

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