How To Automatically Disable Touchpad When Typing In Ubuntu

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  1. ChiefHart says:

    I use Gnome Tweaks, it has a check box for “disable touchpad when typing” under the “keyboard & mouse” selecion.

  2. Paul says:

    Frankly, it’s daft that the Synaptics driver doesn’t have an option to *disable tap to click while typing*. Disabling the entire touchpad is a blunt instrument, and it’s practically impossible to find a duration in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ which detects typing, but doesn’t leave the touchpad disabled for too long after you’ve finished typing. So you end up getting super frustrated. On most (maybe all?) touchpads I’ve tried, if you try to use the touchpad before the duration has elapsed, it won’t just start working when the timeout elapses, you have to take your finger off the damn thing completely, and retry. “STOP STOP STOP! We didn’t fire the starting pistol! Everybody back to the start line!”

    Really, the whole thing is an infuriating mess, and I end up disabling the ‘tap to click’ entirely, but I’m not happy with that solution.

  3. Paul says:

    NEWSFLASH: You *can* just disable the “tap to click” function, but not via the Synaptic settings in Gnome, XFCE, KDE or any other DE. Much better, this is just a single binary called syndaemon which is installed (on ubuntu) as part of the xserver-xorg-input-synaptics: package. To use it, simply run this command automatically on login (use xinit, session manager, .profile or whatever)

    /usr/bin/syndaemon -i 0.9 -t -K -R -d

  4. nagymancs says:

    u r legend dude!

    i tried all three solutions, and if i have the budgie graphical ui both there, and in dconf editor and everywhere else it does say to disable while typing, however it just completely ignores this setting and still continues as usual

    the good thing about my old dell latitude e6510 is, that beneath the touchpad there are regular click buttons as well which you can not press by accident

    with touch to click disabled with syndaemon however i have the best of both worlds: mouse still moves by the touchpad, it doesn’t click, but if i must, i can still use them buttons which is awesome!

  5. nagymancs says:

    how long will the syndaemon one last for? only till reboot? or is there a command to temp-reverse it if needed?

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