Font Finder – Easily Search And Install Google Web Fonts In Linux

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  1. Wasogro says:

    Everything you have explained above is self-explanatory. But exactly what I don’t understand, you didn’t explain.

    1. What does 100, 200, 300, 400 mean? It cannot be the font size. Are there different font thicknesses of the same font? That’s news to me. I have tried many *.ttf fonts (not from google) and have never encountered different thicknesses. Unless there is a “Bold” variant.

    2.Why is “Font Finder” about 600 MB in size? I thought the font would be downloaded then? Or is the font already integrated in the package that it is so big.

    Thank you very much.

    • sk says:


      1. 100, 100i, 200 … indicates the font weight.The font weight defines the weight of the text.
      2. It is a flatpak. A flatpak app is bundled with all necessary dependencies/libraries in one package. That’s why it is 600MB in size.


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