An Easiest Way To Install And Configure OpenVPN Server In Linux

Install And Configure OpenVPN

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  1. Maximilian Haefner says:

    Very nice and easy guide!
    Helped me a lot, but how can I build my .ovpn files, so that they need an authentication before opening the tunnel?

  2. EDA says:

    Yes. Very well done. The install script works perfectly.

    Question: who actually created

    Thanks very much for your nice work.

  3. shetu says:

    I can not ping host vpn server

  4. nickchanger says:

    I tried to install the scripts on an server (my own (vpn-)server abroad, running debian) and on openwrt on my router (linksys wrt1900acs).
    Both scripts worked and I see the gateway by checking ip addr on my router.
    But I get no Internet connection on router or laptop (behind router). I think I have to do further “mapping” between WAN-Connection and tun0 on router. Can anybody help?

  5. Susana says:

    This is awesome. And very very easy. Now, can we add user authentication to this? How can we do it?

    Thank you so much

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