How To Downgrade A Package In Arch Linux

downgrade a package in arch linux

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  1. Not an actual troll says:

    Great utility. How did you install it with pacman? I could not find it in the package repository only in the AUR. A search in the package repository:

    • SK says:

      You’re right. This package is not available in the official repositories. You need to add the unofficial archlinuxfr repository.

      To do so, edit /etc/pacman.conf file:

      sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf
      Add the following lines:

      SigLevel = Never
      Server =$arch

      I forgot to mention this in guide. Now, I updated the guide. Thanks.

  2. Henrique Maia says:

    Thank you for this post. It helped me when I was stuck with a package with a bug. Great help.

  3. Andreas Hallof says:

    Thanks for the article and this program. It helped me to roll back my broken xorg-server installation and saved me a lot of time and headache.

  4. bashM0nk3y says:

    Good article!

    As a side note, the more arch-centric way of doing this would be to for go adding the third party repo ( to /etc/pacman.conf, and instead do the following:

    From your home directory, enter the following commands:

    tar xzvf package-query.tar.gz
    cd package-query
    makepkg -si
    cd ..
    tar xzvf yaourt.tar.gz
    cd yaourt
    makepkg -si
    cd ..
    tar xzvf downgrade.tar.gz
    cd downgrade
    makepkg -si

    … and then install downgrade with yaourt (never append `sudo` to yaourt!):

    yaourt -S downgrade

    All due respect to the author of this article, but it is NOT recommended to perfom `partial upgrades` as described in this tutorial.
    For example:

    sudo pacman -Sy

    sudo pacman -S downgrade

    This can, and probably eventually will, create an unstable system. The correct way to do this would be to:

    sudo pacman -Syu

    sudo pacman -S downgrade

    Again, no disrespect at all to the author, I just wanted to help improve this article =)

  5. High Spade says:

    Don’t use yaourt. Also, don’t use an unofficial repo. Why don’t you just use the method described in the wiki? That’s the supported way to downgrade a package and the only way to do it that you will be able to get support for.

  6. elswerky says:

    in your output of using downgrade to search for opere,,, there are 40 results ,,, when i tested it with say opera ,,chromium and others ,,, it gives me maximum 30 result,,,,, so is there any way to control number of results it gives ???

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