DF-SHOW – A Terminal File Manager Based On An Old DOS Application

dfshow terminal file manager

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  1. gazoo says:

    I used DF-EDIT back in the day. Good, effective app. Always went back to Vern Buerg’s List(.com) because of the way I worked. I preferred jumping straight into the command line and performing file ops – so I mostly needed a fast navigator (and quick viewer of 7bit ascii and 8bit binaries). Wonderful seeing a useful command-line DOS utility ported to Linux. Going to give it a look. Thanks for the great write-up on this – nostalgic!

  2. Old Dos Guy says:

    Ahhh, DF was a usefull program in the day. Happy to see a revival. Now if someone would port Stereo Shell from DOS – how sweet it would be…

  3. Eric says:

    Ubuntu and derivatives??? Please!!!
    “Debian and derivatives”

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