Create A List Of Installed Packages And Install Them Later From The List In Arch Linux

Create A List Of Installed Packages in Arch Linux

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  1. Dan St.André says:

    Does a similar article exist for Debian-family (*buntu, Mint, etc) package managers? My search efforts only found this article.

    ~~~ 8d:-} Dan

  2. dataloss says:

    Works but doesn’t play nice afterwords with maintenance commands like;
    sudo pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq)
    sudo pacman -Sc
    sudo paccache -rk 1
    sudo paccache -ruk0
    It’s as if the packages are not registered in the pacman as installed and being used database or whatever and are treated as not needed/not used packages by pacman, you can test the listed commands above and see what I mean jest “don’t” press “y” especially with the first one.

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