How To Create Custom Ubuntu Live CD Image Using Cubic

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  1. gary says:

    What a great post! I transitioned fulltime to Linux a little over a year ago. Pretty comfortable with it but haven’t had any interest in the inner workings. Cubic changes this. The write-up along with the link to Pinguy Builder both appear like great tools to get under the hood. Can’t wait to get started and experimenting.

  2. Areeb Qaisar says:

    Seems good. Will it only create a LiveCD, or also the installation image ?

  3. Lemuel says:

    Thanks to the terrific guide

  4. Eric says:

    in 18.04 , there`s no “/run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf” to make link , any suggestions ??

  5. pooky2483 says:

    Can it create ONLY Ubuntu Live CD images or can it create others such as Kubuntu.
    I ask because I’ve previously trued UCK and it would only create Ubuntu Live CD’s and even then, it would not work.

  6. JCroMcN says:

    I messed around with Cubic on Ubuntu 18.04, but every time it got to compressing the files after the chroot part, it pushed all 8 cores of my 4.0 GHz CPU to 100% and pinned the CPU at 90 degrees C, causing the computer to shutdown every time. I took apart my computer, recabled everything, blew out all the dust, cleaned all the filters, moved stuff around to maximize airflow, replaced a few fans, and then took off my CPU cooler, cleaned all the thermal compound off and reaatached it. Checked that all the fans were fine, physically felt that there was TONS of airflow, and turned off the “eco mode” of my PSu and cranked all the fans to full (that were controlable) in the UEFI. Tried to delete the old files and start over, used different .iso files, made fewere changes, no changes, etc. Still had the same issue. Did anybody else have this occur?

  7. John Nanda says:

    Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through all that process but still want an ISO image, you can try, it’s free!

  8. Mohiyo says:

    I have followed your Guide and got 6 files including ubuntu-16.04.6-2019.11.29-desktop-amd64.iso, custom-live-iso, squashfs-root, cubic.conf, ubuntu-16.04.6-2019.11.29-desktop-amd64.md5

    But I am not sure how to make a DVD/USB LIVE with these files… Should I burn .iso file to USB/DVD ?

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