How To Convert DEB Packages Into Arch Linux Packages

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  1. jonlai says: is another good tool to convert packages:


    gem (even autodownloaded for you)
    python modules (autodownload for you)
    pear (also downloads for you)
    tar(.gz) archives
    node packages (npm)
    pacman (ArchLinux) packages

    Mac OS X .pkg files (osxpkg)
    pacman (ArchLinux) packages

  2. gary says:

    This is very interesting to me. The most important thing to me has always been access to the most apps. It’s why we run OSes, afterall. I’m a DEB user but have heard about Arch and some of it’s offshoots. I believe there is good work being done on rolling releases, which is something I’m increasingly interested in.

    Would you know (based on your research) if the conversion success rate for DEBtap is 100% or close to it?

  3. gundul says:

    thanks alot, helpfull… work fine on manjaro.

  4. Rafael says:

    Thanks, the vscode package at AUR is failing to compile, so I use debtap to convert the vscode downloaded from the website and this worked like a charm.

  5. Raphaël says:

    “the developer is too lazy”. That’s hard to swallow, for a developer. The process of developing software is intensive, and packaging software is almost never easy. In a lot of cases, it takes quite some tinkering to create packages which are compatible with multiple systems.
    I came here, because I want to provide a AUR package for my app (which is now packaged as .deb and .rpm). I’ve installed Manjaro Linux and am now trying to install the tools necessary to convert the .deb package to a Arch-compatible package. For my case, your instructions seem insufficient. “yay” is not found on my system. This might be related to the fact that I’m using a arch derivative and not the real deal. But, at this point, I’m not sure yet. So I now have to find more instructions on the internet on how to get yay on my system. Because I have no knowlegde of Arch or Manjaro, that is not an easy task.
    Long story short: the reason why a developer doesn’t provide a package for a specific system, is not related to laziness. It is related to the complexity of creating such package.

  6. Donald L Wilson says:

    yay is just another helper for the AUR.

    git clone
    cd yay
    makepkg -si

  7. James says:

    You are a life saver. An updated Arch package gave me problem and I wasn’t able to find historical version on AUR

  8. Vinícius Melo says:

    Nice post, easily explained, thank you for the relevant information, help me a lot.

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