Colossal Cave Adventure – The Most Famous Classic Text-based Adventure Game

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  1. foxy53 says:

    I played that back in the early 80’s on a Commodore PET. I only ever got 299/300, even after a retry or two, and never did find out how to get that last 1 point.

  2. Glen Ellis says:

    As I dream about the late 1979’s, using an Apple II, with aplug-in Z-80 card, when I played the Adventure Cave games,
    I recall that I wrote (converted) the game into a data-base project. Using old dBase-II, it worked, and I could modify the caves, and tunnels, and creatures who met me. But university work pulled me away to something else.
    Now, I wonder if this game concept could be implemented in a LibreOffice Spread-Sheet , making use of the embeded logic (macro) algorithms. I see that the lack of ‘relational variable names’ would be a handicap, but I still like the idea of using a universally available programming language (Spread-Sheet logic) to bring this easy game to the masses of Linux users. Well, dreams often spark a good project, even for us old geeky geezers !

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