How To Change MAC address In Linux

change mac address in linux

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  1. Karthik Vee says:


  2. Bob Beezea says:

    Since I couldn’t find a netplan solution I’m going write up a udev rule. Still interested in a netplan solution if there is one.
    Thank you.

  3. kcdtv says:

    ifconfig is deprecated since more than ten years. ( check ) I am always shocked when I read your themes and see that you always mix deprecated and up to date command lines. In order to get the mac adresses of your interfaces you should use something like: ip a | grep ether . It is even faster than writing ifconfig…. Also i don’t see the point of making a new theme in 2019 about things that are all over the internet, if you do so at least update it…. It is time to wake up guys instead of publishing for publishing…

  4. Max Power says:

    What about using a different MAC for a wireless network card? What is the procedure?

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