Yay – Yet Another Reliable AUR Helper Written In GO

Yay AUR helper

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  1. changelings says:

    so uhm basically,
    “Yay – Yet another Yaourt” ?
    So this actually means, that there’s nothing wrong with Yaourt.

    I’ve been using yaourt just fine for like 8 years now !, while literally watching every other AUR helper die by the roadside.
    Yaourt is still good, and has stably outlasted them all, in Arch.

    This is why Linux can be so silly and confusing to most (Client) Users.
    But lol, whatever, “Yay” eh ?

  2. Sundaram says:

    Thanks for this detailed write-up showing the various options cleanly. It’s helpful.

  3. noah akers says:

    ==> ERROR: Failure while downloading

  4. Jens says:

    There is also a yay-bin package in the aur,so you don’t have to install the 400M go-compiler.

  5. Vittorio says:

    How do you get colored screen like shown up there

  6. Gaidaros says:

    Or you can simple enable(uncomment) the `Color` parameter on /etc/pacman.conf.

  7. Behrouz says:

    Lots of people who need this help are actually new Linux users or people who used to use another distro. You should tell them to install dependencies like base-devels and binutils unless they face problems.

  8. Ilmi says:

    Dear author,

    Can i please create the version of this content? I’ll make sure the source to be really obvious.

    EDIT : the video* version of this content

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