VoCore – A Coin-sized Linux Computer with WIFI

A small computer in hands is  VOCORE  is an open hardware that runs with openWRT linux .

Mini computers are getting more popular in today’s world . Previously mini computers like Raspberry pi , Chip , Orange pi etc. But vocore is coin sized small computer .

The device dimensions is one square inch (25mm*25mm ).

It’s a coin sized computer having 32MB SDRAM, 8MB SPI Flash. It provides many interfaces such as 10/100M Ethernet, USB.

We can use the VoCore for the following purposes.

  • Remote control robot with camera ;
  • Portable VPN router ;
  • Wireless speaker ;
  • USB device to connect printer etc..
  • other embedded system applications .

Pin map of Vocore :


We will get everything of vocore hardware design and full source code including boot loader .We can convert every bit of vocore . It runs with the openwrt operating system.

For further details, head over to the official page.



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