How To View CPU Temperature On Linux

View CPU Temperature On Linux

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  1. Moltke says:

    Hi! Nice blog. I used to use sensors command to check on cpu temps, however, I had to open the terminal every time to do that, so I found and installed an applet for the xfce panel, but again, is the same story with the terminal and sensors command. I’d like an utility that shows cpu temps in the panel without the need of opening anything. Is there such a way to show cpu temps on the xfce panel? So far I found nothing that works. I’m on Linux Lite XFCE flavour by the way. I’m not exactly new to Linux but I’m not expert neither. Thanks, and again great blog you have here! 🙂

  2. Александр Костик says:

    thanks !

  3. muondude says:

    Thanks for the post. This works just as you show on Debian 9.5!

  4. Josh Freeno says:

    I am on Manjaro KDE and my machine is a Yoga laptop and I cant get the fan rpm to show up. I reinstalled lm_sensors but with the same result. My machine is not running hot but I need to be able to see fan speed. Also I am new to linux and really giving this a go and was seriously thinking of doing away with windows 10 all together but then I ran into this and before I delete windows I would like to make sure I have all the wrinkles out ya know. Your tutorials have been so much help to me. Thanks for the great work.

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