uGet – An multi-platform download manager

  • Thank you for featuring our app and we will certainly look into that error.

    The only thing I would mention is that uGet does support Multi-Connetion (aka multi-segment) via the aria2 plugin.

    I should really update that features list on the site. 🙂

  • I needed an accelerated download manager for Linux, i.e., one that would break a large file into segments so as to speed up the download time. uGet with aria2 does that and I’m very happy with it! Thanks!

  • hazim

    hi, can the batch download work in chromium?

    • The batch works with any browser but the Chrome/Chromium extension is not completed yet. You can simply copy all the links and use the Clipboard Monitor to send them to uGet.

  • karthik

    mic bro its good to see something must needed for the linux community..