UbuntuBSD wants to join in the Official Ubuntu flavours

A while ago, we have published an article about UbuntuBSD which is the combination of FreeBSD and Ubuntu. UbuntuBSD is powered by FreeBSD kernel, and has the look, feel, and functionality of Ubuntu operating system. UbuntuBSD hits the beta 4 stage already, and is available for both Desktops and Servers.

You can download the latest development build from the sourceforge website.

The UbuntuBSD developer Jon Boden wants to include UbuntuBSD in the official Ubuntu flavours list. He approached the Ubuntu developers, and proposed a request to collaborate with Ubuntu.

He wrote in the Ubuntu mailing lists:

Hi all

I’m the developer of ubuntuBSD, an Ubuntu derivative which runs the Ubuntu system in combination with the FreeBSD kernel (similar to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD).

I would like to contribute all my work to Ubuntu Community and, if you think it is worthy, make ubuntuBSD an official Ubuntu project like Xubuntu or Edubuntu.

If you’re interested, please let me know how would you like me to proceed. So far I’ve already been submitting patches to Launchpad:


I’ll be happy to work with you in other ways to meet the requirements.


Jon Boden

There is no reply from the Ubuntu developers yet. Let us wait and see what will be the reaction from the developers. I hope it will be the part of Ubuntu official flavours, but not until the final release.

Like UbuntuBSD, there is also another Ubuntu spin called Ubuntu Budgie wants to be the part of Ubuntu flavours. Luckily, the developer of Ubuntu Budgie got a reply from the Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth. Mark has assured in a Google plus comment that he will consider to include Ubuntu Budgie in the Ubuntu official flavours list, if there is a community around the packaging.

I am very happy to see that the Ubuntu family is constantly growing! Check the following Infographic released by The Canonical team that represents the usage of Ubuntu operating system globally. 


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