Ubuntu Server Secure – A script to secure and harden Ubuntu

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  1. LHammonds says:

    I’m gonna have to pass on this one even before digging into the script. Why? We are talking about securing a “server” and the 1st requirement of this “script” is to install a GUI desktop….on…a…server. Does anyone else here see a problem with that? The GUI itself adds a huge attack surface which typically never exists on a server in the 1st place. Not sure why author didn’t just script an ASCII menu with something like “dialog.” Curiosity might get me to look at what it is trying to do but I’ll never run this script.

  2. Tibor Sekelj says:

    DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT AND DESCRIPTION ABOVE. installing graphic interface on server is a serious rookie mistake. (as others pointed out: it adds more unnecessary software to your server and opens up potential holes in your security)

  3. UltraSec 2010 says:

    Can we get an ubuntu server version of this script cos there is no way I am going to pull up a GUI desktop on my server.

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