Turn Your Ubuntu Terminal Into A Hollywood Technical Melodrama Hacker Interface


You should have seen some Hollywood movies depicting lot of Terminals opened in multiple monitors with weird codes, texts and images? I have seen this in most science fiction and thriller movies. In such movies, the CIA people might working super busy with multiple monitors running multiple consoles in a highly sophisticated room. In my childhood, while I was watching some Hollywood movies, I thought they are real and those tricks gave me goosebumps. In case you have some leisure time and want to experience how those multiple consoles looks like in your Ubuntu desktop, you could try “hollywood” utility.

Hollywood is an Ubuntu package developed by Dustin Kirkland, Cloud Solutions Product Manager of Canonical, in his leisure time. To be honest, Hollywood is a mesmerizing, fun, cool and unfortunately USELESS app. You can use it just for fun! This utility will turn your Ubuntu Linux console into a veritable Hollywood technical melodrama hacker interface. Watch the below video demonstration of Ubuntu Hollywood.

Install Hollywood in Ubuntu

Hollywood is available in default repositories of Ubuntu 15.04. Also, Dustin have created a PPA for other Ubuntu versions.

Run the following commands one bye one to install Hollywood in your Ubuntu system.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hollywood/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hollywood
sudo apt-get install byobu

Once installed, run the following command to start the Melodrama in your console:


Sample outputs:



What are you waiting for? Go get this app and start running it and impress your girlfriend/boyfriend/crush. If they are non-techie, I hope they will impress and think you’re an amazing prodigy! Have fun!!

Dustin have also created many other useful utilities such as Purge-old-kernels, and Adapt. Check the following links to know more about them.



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4 Responses

  1. That is so ducking cool. :O <3

  2. smartroad says:

    Can this be compiled for other systems? Would be great to run on say a Raspberry Pi or other SBC uses less power lol

  3. James LaBarre says:

    *****WARNING!!!!***** Run this with the “-q” switch, otherwise it will start playing music from that Tom Cruise abomination of M:I, and you will have to hunt down and kill the background task (closing the terminal will not do it).

    EDIT: secondary warning, the “-q” switch doesn’t work. So I advise you to NOT install it, because it is an example of shoddy programming.

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