Turn Your Ubuntu Terminal Into A Hollywood Technical Melodrama Hacker Interface

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  1. Marcos H. Alano says:

    That is so ducking cool. :O <3

  2. smartroad says:

    Can this be compiled for other systems? Would be great to run on say a Raspberry Pi or other SBC uses less power lol

  3. James LaBarre says:

    *****WARNING!!!!***** Run this with the “-q” switch, otherwise it will start playing music from that Tom Cruise abomination of M:I, and you will have to hunt down and kill the background task (closing the terminal will not do it).

    EDIT: secondary warning, the “-q” switch doesn’t work. So I advise you to NOT install it, because it is an example of shoddy programming.

  4. Al says:

    well, this nice, how to exit btw 😀

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